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Sardinia used to be called a continent in miniature as apart from the sea and beautiful beaches you can find here mountains,  waterfalls and caves. This is an island of thousand and one possibilities to experience an unforgettable adventure: interesting caves, various climbing areas, the deepest in Europe canyons, challenging bike trails, crystal clear but very warm sea water, perfect for diving- these are its main advantages. Below we present only few out of many Sardine sport activities. If we happened not to present your sport passion feel free to mail us and we will provide you with information concerning your favourite sport discipline on Sardinia.



DCIM100GOPROYou can rent the board and discover beautiful coast of Sardinia or take SUP  Yoga lessons.

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This is an alternative to kite surfing when the wind does not blow. When it is not windy (happens very rarely), we encourage 1609611_10203411365632314_9034825207286603427_nyou to take part in our wake sessions, which affect your kite surfing progresses. To wake we need flat water without waves. In the south of Sardinia there are several adequate places, there is also a professional wake-lift.




Popular diving places such as Egypt or Croatia are very crowded so it’s time to DCIM103GOPROfind something less commercial. Sardinia has a mild climate all year long- in winter the air temperatures drops to 15 degrees and the water temperature to 13 degrees. Diving spots situated around the island attract divers with their variety- you can find ship wrecks, caves and even corals (Capo Carbonara, Isola dei Cavioli). In the south of island the big attraction are schools of tuna  (Tonnara).




Beside windsurfing and kite surfing the island is a great place for surfing. Various winds churn the sea and bring waves surfing z Kiteparadisoperfect for surfing. In Cagliari, the capital city of Sardinia, surfing is one of the most popular sports. The local city beach Poetto is always full of surfers. We can recommend you charming beach Chia and Capo Mannu on Sinnis peninsula.




Undoubtedly Sardinia is a paradise for those who love climbing. There are wspinaczka z Kiteparadisohundreds of climbing areas situated mainly in the south of island,but also on the eastern and western coast. All climbing amateurs can find something for themselves, from short sporty trails to long climbing paths, requiring safety equipment. Worth mentioning is an area near city Domusnovas (west-south part of island] with Grotta di San Giovanni- natural tunnel ( 850m long,)connecting two valleys.



There are many beautiful caves situated on the south of island.

IS ZUDDAS- one of the oldest and the most beautiful caves in Europe, is 600 million years. You can admire here huge stalactites, stalagmites, columns and small underground waterfalls. Apart from Corsica island, this is the only place where you can see 400-year-old mummified characters PrologusSardus.
GROTTA DI SAN GIOVANNI-one of the longest natural tunnels in Europe (850meters). This is a real national monument of nature with many impressing stalactites and stalagmites.



Trekking on Sardinia has many faces. You will find here trails that are long and difficult but also easy and pleasant ones. No matter how much effort you put into your hiking you will come across remarkable, breathtaking views. Walking, you can reach uninhabited, wild places, situated away from urban noise.
SUPRAMONTE- probably the wildest part of Europe, beautiful mountain area with plateau,limestone massifs, caves and valleys. There are virgin Mediterranean forests with boars,
muflons, wild cats, Up in the sky you can spot eagles and vultures. The deepest canyon in Europe Gorroppu (-500m´) is situated here.



Sulcis Iglesiente- region situated in south-west part of island. It offers horse riding paths through forests inhabited by deer, old left XIX century mines, huge cliffs, reaching wild,deserted beaches.




In the oldest part of Europe, the nature is still very wild and there are perfect bike trails. Due to a mild climate you can ride your bike all year long. Though sometimes it gets really warm the weather is refreshing thanks to the the local winds. On the south part of Sardinia when cycling you can visit deserted mines, two picturesque islands SantAntioco and Carloforte (famous because of the red tuna fish). You can breath the air smelling with herbal aroma, relax when watching white sand beaches,face the Ancient Times or even spot a pink flamingo.




Birdwatching is a splendid way of spending free time for those who seek for a contact with the nature. Sardinia is a paradise for ornithologists. It is situated between Europe and Africa on the birds migration route. Sardine lakes, so called STAGNI are a real paradise for water birds watchers-you can spot here a pink flamingo. The mountains also give you a chance of birdwatching.
Here is a good piece of advice- when travelling to Sardinia don’t forget to take your binoculars, as you will surely regret it.


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