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Kitesurfing Courses

naukakitesurfinguodpodstawYou will be taught by professionally trained and experienced instructors. Though kite surfing is an extreme sportyou don´t need to worry as we take care of your safety. You may end up falling into the water many times but still we’ll make sure your course will be pleasant and safe. 


10464395_793056677391793_3349099535676820390_nWe surf on equipment produced by Cabrinha -one of the most renowned kite surfing company. When training we use Waterproof Sports Coaching Helmet Radio Communication System. During a lesson you are wearing a helmet with inbuilt audio system thanks to which instructor is in contact with you on the water and training goes much faster.  When finishing a course you will be given an IKO certificate which verifies your kite surfing skill level.



10620793_809039685793492_2826571615981092841_nWhat if it’s not your first contact with the kite and you think you’ve mastered the basics? On the first lesson our instructor will check your skills so you can be sure your course will start at the proper level.



Feel invited to our courses which start in May and finish in October. To our courses we provide equipment.


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