na Sardynii

Sardinia a Kitesurf Paradise

The landscape of this beautiful Italian island is breathtaking. The overwhelming blue sky, crystal waters, white sand beaches and paradise vegetation make you feel as if you were on Caribbeans.

Passionate of water sports feel on Sardinia as in the paradise. This is an unique island where two elements meet- crystal water, both flat and with waves and constantly blowing winds – with Mistral reaching the speed of 70 km\h. If you add wide sand beaches -this is a perfect place to kitesurf .

Everyone is invited. Both beginners who want to start their kite surfing adventure and experienced surfers, looking for new thrills. We offer courses for beginners in Porto Botte- perfect, not crowded spot with sandy beach, shallow water and wind.
For more advanced surfers we offer kite safari- one week trip around the most beautiful beaches and best spots on Sardinia.

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